2007. 11. 20.

Rastaman Never Die

Tema Newtown

Tema is an industrial town built in the early 60's by Kwame Nkrumah. To construct Ghana's largest sea port, the original inhabitants of the shore (the Ga) had to be deported by military force. They were settled in 'Tema Newtown' - what became one of the most miserable slums of the country.


Ashaiman, a little town near Tema, became the busiest suburb of the fast growing city. Everyone, who didn't get the permit to settle down in Tema, moved to Ashaiman, which is now a lively/deadly mixture of a garden suburb and a shanty town.


When Africa becomes economically free and politically united, the monopolists will come face to face with their own working class in their own countries, and a new struggle will arise within which the liquidation and collapse of imperialism will be complete.

Kwame Nkrumah: Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism (1965)

2007. 11. 19.

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

2007. 11. 18.

COMING SOON: simbabu in Ghana